Myquillyn shares her system to make the most of downtime and seasons of breaks

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Emily's new book! Why we love small, slow, and ordinary.

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School's out and summer takes over - and we love what it's taching

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Let's slow down together, and give our soul a solstice.

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What IS a job, anyway? What do you do when your passion becomes a commitment, and the lines between home, family, and work are hard to see?

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Let's celebrate the under-appreciated, under-used art of celebrating. And let's get distracted by StitchFix, Graceland, and conversations with your furniture.

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Let's celebrate the small useless things that give our lives joy and make us feel more human for the benefit of ourselves and others! The sisters chat with friends Kendra and Caroline at the end of a Girlfriend Weekend. 

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We answer your questions about successful transitions, meal memories, hanging pictures, and more

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You don't have to start a new year with resolutions and goals. In this episode, we each share our un-goals and un-resolutions as our personal examples of how to plan your new year your way.

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