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How do you write consistently in the middle of the unpredictability and responsibilities of your everyday life? Managing yourself - knowing how to use your time as a writer, and running your own writing days - is a foundational skill needed to be a writer. NOW is the time to develop that skill. You can decide what a perfect writing day is for you right now, and it can change over time, but whatever it is, you’ll probably have to plan it and prepare for it to happen. This episode will help you do that.

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Let’s get to know our writing strengths! “The Road Back to You” author Ian Cron helps us see how the Enneagram personality assessment can help us better take advantage of our strengths, help us understand our built-in weaknesses, and even help us pick an editor. We’ll see how knowing our personality type and being self aware can be invaluable as a writer. You’ll definitely see yourself - and others you know - and you may end up deciding to cut both of you some slack! :)

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If writing a book is important to you, sooner or later you’ll find yourself confronting a book launch. You need more than tips you find on google - you need to know how you can launch a book yet remain a human being whose family still knows you and loves you.

Here are our stories of what we didn’t realize for some of our launches, and how we now see that it didn’t have to be so awful.

You’ll hear the inside reality of how a book launch feels and how to take the pressure off. Tips and ideas on how to enjoy your launch and feel happy and satisfied. When to start thinking and planning your launch. And how to launch in a way you’re happy with, that serves your reader, and maximizes sales.

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So you’ve been writing for awhile but you feel like you’re not really growing an audience, like nobody really cares. Should you change what you write about? And what would you change to? How can you get to where you write about something you’re deeply interested in AND that deeply resonates with your reader? Changing and pivoting is human. Learning what works is part of the natural process. So let’s learn to pivot together.

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Thinking you need a writing mentor is way easier than actually finding one. And there are questions you may not have considered: Are you even ready to be mentored? Are you already being mentored without realizing it? What if you could make the progress you want, learn what you need to learn, and get the perspective and insight of a person you respect - without ever meeting them? Is that mentoring? In this episode we’ll help you really think through finding the perfect mentor for you. BUT, it might not be what you expect, and when we’re done, you might forever change how you think about mentoring.

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You’d never guess it’s controversial but it is. Once a month in the Hope*Writers Facebook group a friendly debate pops up about the best way to let readers know you’ve written a new blog post. What do you do when the guru’s say one thing and your gut says another? What is a guru anyway? Plus, before you decide how to use email, there’s a bigger question to answer. Let’s talk about that question, and about what’s best for you and your readers.

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What’s it like to be busy and successful at doing good things that are some people’s dreams, but that come with an unknown cost? Logan was chief steward and curator of the Allume conference for four years. Then she stopped, and the conference ended. Why? Plus, the behind the scenes reality of an event where the one running the event doesn’t always get paid. Also - valuable insight on working with a publisher; find out why a two-book deal might not be a great idea; and sometimes a friend says something so meaningful that it makes you cry - don’t miss the last ten minutes and why Logan is still crying.

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Ann Voskamp shares: what practical writing time looks like for her; how she makes writing a low pressure spiritual discipline; writers she loves and how they influence her writing; the disadvantages and overwhelming challenge of a successful first book; why book signings and meeting her readers are so important to her; why she doesn’t read reviews of her work; what she did the day 1000 Gifts released and how it was so different from the day the Broken Way released; and how to gather a safe community of people to help your writing life.

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How to get more readers. How to start an online writing encouragement group. How blogging and book writing go together. Ideas for helpful books and courses. And more!

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Most people have a to do list. A DON’T list can be just as important. Writing is a deep work; your energy and time for writing is worth protecting. We’ll share the things we’ve chosen - on purpose - to NOT do to help you with your own DON’T do list, because you can’t do everything. It’s kinda personal, kinda crazy, maybe a little awkward, and you might be surprised at some of the things we don’t do.

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