For the hope writer, Instagram can be special - it’s another way to share your message and give hope. But we need to think of it purposefully if we want to have followers who engage with us and our message. How do you know what to post, what to say, what not to post and say, and why? There’s more to it than you think, and this episode will open your eyes to how Instagram can be an extension of your writing.

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Part 2 - Three first-time authors share what they wish they'd known before they wrote their first books - HopeWriters Deidra Riggs, Mary Carver, and Amber C Haines.

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Learn from our experience what we wish we’d know before we published our first books - the difference between blogging and book writing, how to have a professional attitude, overcoming endorsement fear, ideas for getting connected in the writing community before you write your book, and why the Skinny Abs Diet Workout Routine is not a good book idea.