Writing can take a lot out of you. How can you move forward and be creative when you feel like you’ve been doing things a certain way forever? How can you make the most of your writing energy? The answer: You need to find your own balance of system and soul. Emily talks with her friend and fellow Hope*Writer Kendra Adachi from the lazygeniuscollective.com. Emily shares how Kendra helped her with practical ideas to funnel her writing energy, and with ways to organize her writing with categories and rhythms to make the most of her time. Everybody has a writing system, whether your realize it or not. This episode will help you recognize and make the most of your system, and balance it with your soul.

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Ideas we’ve tried for living and working that have turned into genius moves that help us as writers, and that that have made life easier, better, and more fulfilling. Steal ours or come up with your own! You never know when some idea you try might turn into a life-changing move.

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Should you blog? Is blogging dead? Can blogging help your goals as a writer? If so, how? How has blogging changed? What’s the best way to use a blog? If Emily and Myquillyn started a blog today, what would they do? And you’ll hear - from an editor - how editors feel about putting your book ideas on your blog.

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Here’s what we can learn from unlikely writing teachers like Taylor Swift, Bob Marley, Stacy London from ‘What Not to Wear,’ Lorne Michaels from SNL, philosopher Marcus Aurelius, and more. Writing school is all around us if we just open our eyes and pay attention. AND - if you’ve ever thought writing a blog post that goes viral would be the ultimate success, don’t miss the last 8-10 minutes of this episode.

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