To get published by a publisher, it takes a team. One of those team members we need is a literary agent. 

Well, do you have to have an agent? What difference do they make? How do you know if you need one? 

Even if you’re a published author - even if you’ve had an agent - you’re going to love this conversation with top agent Rachelle Gardner. 

It’s so good - we had to split it into two episodes : )  This episode is “Do you need an agent?” and the next one is “How to find an agent.”

Something helpful for knowing when you need an agent is to know where you are on the writing path - there can be an order for doing things when you want to be published. To find out which stage of the writer’s journey YOU’RE on, take the quick free quiz at https://www.hopewriters.com/quiz

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Whether you’re an experienced podcaster, or just starting out, or just thinking about it - this episode’s for you.

We’re going to talk about the most basic, most important part - the words, the content. Of course! We're writers, right? 

And you’ll hear a content tip in the first 8 seconds of this episode : )

This episode gives you some basic but important advice, and probably a few things you hadn’t considered. How do you trust yourself? How do you know what kind of podcast to do? How do you know what to talk about and how to talk about it? That’s coming up.

Even though we’re writers - and love words - sometimes writers love saying the words. So lots of writers also podcast. Kendra Adachi is one of those writers. She writes “The Lazy Genius Collective” blog, which will turn into a book sometime in 2020. And she hosts “The Lazy Genius Podcast.” 

You’ll love Kendra! 

And, to find out which stage of the writer’s journey YOU’RE on, take the quick free quiz at https://www.hopewriters.com/quiz

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It’s kinda funny when we’re afraid to call ourselves a writer - as if we’re scared of ourselves and our full potential. 

Do you find it easy to not say you’re a writer - for example when you don’t have many readers? And when you don’t call yourself a writer, isn’t it easy to just not write? 

Writer Jeff Goins says whatever we think about we become. Can you relate? Do you own being a writer? Do you struggle believing who you’re supposed to be? 

Jeff said that for a long time he called himself a wannabe writer and so he wrote like a wannabe. Then he realized he needed to “own” being a writer and call himself one and act like it, and it changed everything. 

But it was a struggle - and for us too, it can be a struggle to own what we really want. Can you relate? Well, let’s work on that together.

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Annie Downs shares how to be a writer for the long haul, and how failure has helped her be successful. 

She’s definitely in it for the long haul. She’s written multiple books in the last 10-12 years - one of them has sold 100,000 copies - just at Target. Yeah, not counting Amazon. 

She’s also a national speaker and host of the “That Sounds Fun” podcast. 

And, you know how when you face the challenge of overcoming discouragement and failure, and want to learn from it and still make progress? Well, don’t miss the last 6 minutes and Annie’s story of the Flatiron building.

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