Writing for children is a different kind of writing. One of the beautiful things about it is when you successfully keep things simple, you can end up reaching far beyond children. 

That’s how it’s worked for Matthew Paul Turner, a long time writer who tried writing for children as an experiment. He’s now written “When God Made Light,” “When God Made You,” and “When I Pray for You” which you can find at Target and Sam’s and Walmart and all over the place.

How is writing for children different? How do you think and see in a very simple - but sometimes profound - way? What goes on inside the mind of a children’s author? 

Well, if you’re interested in writing for children, or think you might be someday, or if you just want to see how to tap into the parts inside you that can matter to others, this episode is for you. 


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You like books and reading. You like to write. But you don’t feel like you’re one of “those” writer people.

It’s just something inside you - something a little restless - like there’s somewhere you want to get to, but you’re not sure where or how.

But you wonder about it - and you kinda like the idea of being a writer. And maybe you’ve even taken a bunch of steps.

But how do you end up there - how do you get there? 

Well in this episode, we’ll hear author and podcaster Christie Purifoy’s story of how she moved from a “kinda writer” to “yes a writer” - and we’ll see what starting to be a writer can look like.

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To get published by a publisher takes a team. One of those team members we need is a literary agent. 

But how do you find an agent? Are there guides, books with names of agents? - yes! In this episode you’ll find out what they are and how to read them. You’ll get ideas for finding agents online and in person. And you’ll learn a couple of great backdoor ways to find an agent that you’d never think of on your own.

Plus, how do you know when you’re ready for an agent? And what will the agent be looking for from you? You’ll learn all those things, too.

Now If you’re wondering if you actually need an agent, well, that was part one of this conversation with agent Rachelle Gardner - #43 “Do I need an agent?”

Something helpful for knowing when you need an agent is to know where you are on the writing path - there’s an order for doing things when you want to be published. To find out which stage of the writer’s journey YOU’RE on, take the quick free quiz at https://www.hopewriters.com/quiz

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